Congratulations to one of our clients for being featured in the 1st installment of Jiu Jitsu Business — Sam Joseph @ Buckhead Jiu Jitsu.  Also, congratulations to Mike Velez and the Jiu Jitsu Magazine team for this new pursuit.  Happy to have another source dedicated to improving business in the jiu jitsu community.

We are grateful for Sam’s kind words about how we’ve helped transform his school:  Here is an except: “They <Dirty Gi Marketing> took my vision, goals, and purpose and drove them into all the marketing pieces so we have not only a more comprehensive approach now, but one that truly reflects what I want in an academy.  I think it helps separate us and distinguish us from the many other good schools in Atlanta. We are different, and Dirty Gi Marketing has helped me harness that.”  Read his entire interview starting on page 20 in the magazine.

If you are ready to be distinctive in your market.  If you are ready to grow and improve your marketing & sales, we’d love to help you transform your business like we helped Sam.  Give us a call (650) 479-4328 or email

 Q&A with Sam Joseph - article from Jiu Jitsu Business magazine pg1Q&A with Sam Joseph - article from Jiu Jitsu Business magazine pg2